A Community Powered Record Label.

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Welcome to DRRT.

Join our Mission to Change The Music Industry Forever, Together.

DRRT is a collection of 9,090 Unique Robots, each one representing a social token to a community powered record label.

Exclusive life-time benefits to every DRRT holder include; free air-drops, access to live music events and participation in a record label that will change music forever.

October 14th 2021

Participate >

Help build a Record Label built on community participation and reward

Party >

Once sold out, the community will decide on the location for our Metaverse music venue, followed closely by a schedule of live music events.

Rewards >

The Community will be rewarded every step of the way, we think of every DRRT as a stakeholder and instigator of this new movement. Air-drops? You bet. Free access to DRRT events? Always. Merch? How could we not.

The Story //

Manufactured in the 1980’s, the RRT’s were a series of Robots meant to entertain.

Unfortunately, they were proven to be too susceptible to picking up unsociable habits to be made available to the public and were labelled Degenerates, thus changing their names to “DRRT’s”.

All 9090 were left unattended in an underground vault, with only 24/7 Music Television for company.

Community Benefits

  • Free Air-Drops for Every Label Release
  • DRRT’s will be rigged for 3D worlds in the near future
  • Free Access to DRRT Events, both in metaverse and IRL
  • Exclusive rewards for participation in A&R
  • Early access to DRRT Artists NFT Drops
  • Commercial Rights included - have your DRRT star in DRRT music videos and get paid

Find Your Unit.

Not all DRRT’s are the same. They come with a variety of finishes and attributes, some much rarer than others. Various models, with varying taste in clothes, habits and music. Rockers, Poppers and Hip-Hoppers galore.